Office & Coworking Space in Downtown Albany

Bull Moose Club offers members access to a service-oriented, hyper-charged coworking ecosystem featuring common workspaces bustling with energy, private office suites and group meeting rooms. We serve business leaders, advocacy groups, trade associations, lobbyists and creative professionals in a refined, meticulously renovated space near the center of the New York State Capitol complex. We know that changemakers working in the political economy thrive when they can access the resources they need to unleash their potential. More importantly, we believe our communities thrive when changemakers collide. They exchange ideas, forge consensus and collaborate to solve civic problems. Our open workspace is an ideal place to connect with new collaborators. Club members can network, dissect the latest news from state government or just hang out and get to know each other in our library. We host special events open to the public and free for our club members, including presentations by top elected officials and political insiders, public policy debates and roundtable discussions moderated by trusted journalists. And when our members need to blow off steam, we’ll host fun social events. Bull Moose Club is owned and operated by Aurelius Coworks. Aurelius Coworks is a socially responsible development company that develops, owns, and operates coworking communities and startup ecosystems in middle markets and downtowns undergoing revitalization.

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About Aurelius Coworks

Aurelius Coworks is a socially responsible development company that develops, owns, operates, and manages coworking communities and startup ecosystems in middle markets around the United States.

At the core of our mission and purpose at Aurelius Coworks is our care for the communities we are located in, and the people who choose to live and work in them. Our members are dynamic contributors to the regional, state and national economy. Our spaces are meticulously built, our membership is carefully cultivated, and we infuse a creative mix of business and social programming in every community we call home.

Currently, Aurelius Coworks owns and operates Troy Innovation Garage in Troy, New York and Westwey Club in Providence, Rhode Island.

Aurelius Coworks Troy Innovation GarageWestwey Club

Health & Safety Message from Aurelius Coworks

Aurelius Coworks communities each have 12-point plans to meet and exceed CDC and State guidelines for cleanliness and safety to keep our members safe, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. We partner with a nationally respected cleaning supply company and use hospital grade cleaning solutions. Our community rules, like these cleaning protocols, are designed around the wellness of our members.