September Member Profile: Tony Gaddy, UpState New York Black Chamber of Commerce

"The Upstate New York Black Chamber of Commerce is not an organization that is looking to be separate from any other aspect of the economy, but we feel like in order for there to be a strong economy we need to have strong black businesses. Our communities need us to contribute." Tony Gaddy, Upstate New York Black Chamber of Commerce

#BMCMemberHighlight: Tony Gaddy, UpState New York Black Chamber of Commerce. The organization started in February 2019 and we had the honor of hosting their launch event right here at Bull Moose Club! Tony is pictured with Julissa De León and NYS Senator James Sanders, Jr. from his “A Taste Of Africa” event during their Year One Anniversary weekend this past February during NYS Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus Weekend. Tony relives that as one of the most exciting events in their first inaugural year when they finally introduced the organization to the public.

Tony is one of the three co-founders of the Upstate NY Black Chamber of Commerce. The mission of the chamber is to provide a platform to engage, educate and empower, established businesses, business owners, as well as future entrepreneurs. They commit their resources of people, time, information and capital toward providing opportunities that create wealth and equity within their communities.

The Upstate NY Black Chamber of Commerce organization serves from Westchester county, to Western New York to Central New York, the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region. USNYBCC is one of 145 chambers within the US Chamber. Being headquartered in the state capital provides a unique opportunity because this is where the important legislative work is being done.
The USNYBCC is proud to have reached their 100 member threshold in their first year! They have been able to engage with representatives from all over upstate NY. Although unprecedented times are affecting their in-person networking events, the USNYBCC continues to keep the positivity and organize virtual programming for their members.

USNYBCC is a proud, diverse membership organization – serving, but not limited to, black and minority business. You don’t have to be a black owned business to be a part of the Black Chamber of Commerce. Membership is open, diverse, equitable and inclusive. The organization’s primary role is to serve as the voice of black businesses, keep eye and ear out for opportunities for members, and to advocate on their behalf. Access to capital is the highest priority for members, and the Black Chamber is placing a focus on establishing better relationships with banks to provide access to capital and lending for home ownership.
Tony says that the Chamber is excited to work in Bull Moose Club, as it provides an opportunity to work with other businesses, as well as learn and grow from and with other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. We’re so glad to have the Upstate NY Black Chamber of Commerce here and we can’t wait to watch them thrive and grow!