Twas the Week Before Session

With all apologies to the original author (who we still don’t know) of the two century old poem, our hopes are quite high that the Legislative Session will soon be here. We can’t wait for the clattering on the lawn across the street or the window lights to provide enough light that it feels like midday even in the depths of night.
We’re not sure any of our government leaders will make their way down The Capitol’s chimneys, but we’re sure they’ll bring gifts and other great government discussions to Albany in just a week.
And, with all this, are you ready? Have you thrown open your shutters and thrown up your sashes? Are you gazing out with amazement as we get ready for everyone to get back to work?
Or, are you in need of an office for the six months? Maybe a place to call home base for Lobby Day? Whatever it is, Bull Moose Club is here and ready to help. You can be to The Capitol in four minutes from our front door – so why shouldn’t you be as close to The Capitol as you can get. Check out our website for more information – and we’ll see you next week!