Legislative Session Membership at Bull Moose Club

As the new year is fast approaching, here in our community we are thrilled to see the space continue to thrive and resemble the pre-pandemic normalcy of people coming to work downtown. And while we look ahead to 2022, we are even more excited for the NYS Legislative Session to resume in person and to safely welcome more individuals back…
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Why We Start With Art

The most common comment I get from people who come to Troy Innovation Garage for the first time is about the “energy” in our space. Describing what sets apart Troy Innovation Garage from the run-on-the-mill real estate developer tossing some new furniture in private office suites or in our expansive open spaces or conference rooms, and calling it coworking is exactly like trying to describe…
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Limited Time Offer: Introducing the 3&3 Coworking Membership

Here at Aurelius Coworks, we are so thrilled to see life returning to normal in the downtown areas of Troy and Albany. Members are back in the spaces, summer is in full swing, and with the vaccine rolling out and restrictions being lifted across the state, we’re hoping more individuals will consider the option of coworking as a way to…
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Introducing a new member perk: Reciprocal membership with Hone Coworks

We’re proud to announce an exciting new initiative that makes your Bull Moose Club membership even more valuable!    Aurelius Coworks has partnered with Hone Coworks to make our flexible office space even more flexible. What does that mean? Effective immediately, full-time members of Bull Moose Club and Troy Innovation Garage are now able to utilize the Hone Coworks open coworking space up to five times per month.  Hone’s location at Great Oaks in Guilderland provides…
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Member Q&A – Katie Hohman, Sheridan Hohman & Associates

Our community manager Leah took a few minutes to catch up with BMC member Katie Hohman and ask her some fun questions while she’s working from home. We miss our day-to-day member interactions inside the space, but it’s been great to grab their time via Zoom and stay in touch!