Building and supporting the community is at the core of who we are. Our purpose here is to meet the needs of our members, foster engagement where it’s desired, and provide a place where all members feel comfortable and belong.

Everyone is unique and wants something different. Some people want a comfortable spot where they can quietly be productive but not feel alone. Other people want to meet new professional colleagues and make new friends who are at a similar stage in their lives. Some people want a place that can get them connected to make an impact locally. And others are looking for mentors, advocates, and supporters to help them with their careers.

We are here for all of that!

After the past two years now is a good time to spread out again and reconnect. It’s a good time to mix things up. It’s a good time to meet new people again.

Come in and try a day on us, or take a tour to learn if what we offer is a fit for what you need right now.