Albany Institute of History & Art’s Hudson River School Collection Goes Virtual

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In May 2020, the Albany Institute of History & Art broke new ground by putting one of their most notable collections online for families, children and art lovers alike to view from home while isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Hudson River School collection at the Institute is a brilliant collection of 83 paintings that can now be admired from anywhere in the world, thanks to a generous donation of a virtual tour by Aurelius Coworks founder and CEO Tom Nardacci.

Tom was able to work with a Troy Innovation Garage member V Owen Bush of Hudson Reality Capture to create this virtual experience within just a few days. It was amazing to watch this collaboration happen so quickly and to see Capital Region creatives collaborate to create something unique and unprecedented during this time.

Read more in the Albany Times Union about how the project came to life:

“When my family canceled our April trip to Paris, I decided to take my children on a virtual tour through The Louvre and thought, why can’t we recreate this experience right here in the Capital Region?” said Nardacci, also in a statement.  “I engaged with Tammis and the team at the Albany Institute to brainstorm how to get this project off the ground while people are still at home and homeschooling their children.”

Aurelius Coworks is happy to support the local arts in our Region and to help give access to this experience during a time when the arts and entertainment industries are struggling to serve in the traditional ways of the past. We look forward to seeing how the Institute continues to innovate over the next few months and years!

To view the virtual collection, click here.