August Member Profile: Andrew Cotton, Valimail

#BMCMemberHighlight: Andrew Cotton joined Bull Moose Club one day before work from home orders started in March and was one of our first members to return as our doors reopened in June. Originally from Schenectady, Andrew attended The College of St. Rose and moved to Albany eight years ago. He’s worked for several large companies in the area including CommerceHub, Ayco and Aprenda. Upon starting his first fully remote job, Andrew decided to join Bull Moose Club to avoid the doldrums of working entirely from home.
Andrew works for a start-up based in San Francisco called Valimail. Valimail is an email security company that helps companies of all sizes protect their incoming email and prevents various other email-related attack vectors. As the Manager of Technical Operations, Andrew is able to work with and help people, as well as gain experience in remote management. Andrew understands the important nature of his work in tech; he saw Jurassic Park at what he would call an ‘early and very impressionable age’. He often uses the quote, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should,” to communicate with technologists/leaders about decisions that may seem trivial but could have a significant impact if not ethically or tactfully handled.
We are grateful for the energy, hard work and sense of humor Andrew brings to Bull Moose Club. Andrew is looking forward to his upcoming vacation in August so spend time with his wife, Sarah and finally getting to put a dent in his ever-growing backlog of books to read. We’re lucky to have Andrew as a member and will be awaiting reading list recommendations upon his return.