October Member Profile: Andrew Mangini, Gramercy

#BMCMemberHighlight: Andrew Mangini, Gramercy
Andrew Mangini is a partner at Gramercy, one of New York’s leading public affairs firms. Andrew began working for Gramercy in 2015 after building his career in various public and private sector communications roles. Prior to entering the working world, Andrew studied political science at Siena College, a major he chose with the hope he’d land a career in government, politics or policy.
Today, as a partner at Gramercy, Andrew is responsible for leading the firm. Not everyone is cut out to work in communications, but he says the fast-paced nature of his job and the ability to consistently take on new challenges is what excites him the most.
When asked to describe what Gramercy is, Andrew didn’t hesitate to define the firm and the work they do. “We’re problem solvers that understand the nuances of communications and messaging.”
He takes pride in helping companies find a solution to problems they face, and creating strategies that allow them to achieve certain goals. Andrew and the Gramercy team have played a significant role in two of the state’s newest industries — casino gambling and medical marijuana — from their work with companies that won competitions to obtain licenses allowing them to legally operate in New York. In addition to these recent career wins, Andrew has also received 40 Under 40 awards from both the Albany Business Review and City & State magazine.
Andrew enjoys working at Bull Moose Club because it helps feed Gramercy’s creativity and flexibility as a firm. “We’re a fast-moving and agile company, and the environment in Bull Moose Club fits that,” he says.
We’re happy to have someone like Andrew at Bull Moose Club every day; he brings a special type of energy to the space that elevates those around him. If you see him around the office (or virtually), make sure to say hello!